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震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

本文由(海昌)编辑,关键字:事件,外星人,也会,讲解关震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了。主要内容讲解是:UFO incidents have always been talked about. In recent years, many bizarre incidents related to UFO have happened, including Hawking's refusal to answer before. Is there really UFO in the world? UFO事件一直是人们津津乐道的,近年

  UFO incidents have always been talked about. In recent years, many bizarre incidents related to UFO have happened, including Hawking's refusal to answer before. Is there really UFO in the world?


  1. Filming UFO dishes on Phoenix Mountain in 2005



震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

  UFO Incident in Phoenix Mountain in 2012: At 15:42 on July 8, tourists traveling in Phoenix Mountain, without exception, all of them found UFOs similar to Tiangong 1 in the sky. In 1994, the case of UFO landing was reported here, and there were tourists taking pictures at that time. Recorded the moment.


  2. 1994.5 "Meng Zhaoguo Incident" in Fenghuangshan

  2、1994.5 凤凰山 "孟照国事件"


震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

  This is the aforementioned "Phoenix Mountain" incident in 1994. It is said that an ordinary man named "Meng Zhaoguo" was released from aliens many times, and was planted and shocked by aliens. He also took Meng Zhaoguo to visit their base. All of these were authentic by expert appraisal. This incident was caused by reports. A worldwide sensation


  3. Records of UFO events in Harbin



震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

  During the period of 1-1:30 a.m. on August 24, 2001, more than 100 people claimed to have seen the Ufo formation flying over the air. More than 30 of them called to report the incident, and they were sure that they were not blindfolded and that what they saw was not natural objects such as airplanes, which had been reported in the newspaper because of the large number of people they had seen. Recorded

  2001年 8月24日晨1~1:30期间,,大概有一百多人声称自己看到了ufo列队飞过空中,其中有三十多人都打电话汇报此事,而且他们都确定自己不是眼花,看到的也觉得不是飞机等自然物体,这件事因为看到的人数众多,已经登报记录了

  4. 1981.7.24 "Millions of people witnessed UFO incident"

  4、1981.7.24 “百万人目击UFO事件”


震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

  Millions of eyewitnesses saw fan-shaped UFOs at 22:33 to 52 on July 24, 1981 and 22:0 to 25 on July 26, 1995. Even many astronomers saw fan-shaped UFOs. It is undeniable that there are so many eyewitnesses, which also provides strong evidence for the existence of aliens.


  5. UFO Duxi deforestation incident



震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

  At 3 a.m. on December 1, 1994, many people in the vicinity were awakened by a loud noise. After that, they found that the trees in 400 acres of woods were broken at the waist and the roof of the house was damaged, but none of them were injured or missing. The poultry were intact, and the high-voltage wires were not damaged. Until now, this matter is still an unsolved mystery, either collective lies, or UFO events, if not ufo, then what kind of force can make 400 mu of trees all damaged?


  6. Investigation Report on UFO Activities in Tai'an



震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

  On February 23, 2005 (Lantern Festival), residents found a straw-hat-shaped UFO when they set off fireworks in 2005. At that time, a photographer happened to take another eye shot at the UFO spacecraft. Finally, this incident also caused many media reports. Did fireworks attract aliens to come here?


  7. Cash-Landrum Event



震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

  According to these people, when they drove home together and passed through a forest, they encountered a super-intense beam of light. Then something similar to the UFO spacecraft slowly fell down. When they got out to look at it, they felt the spaceship was very hot. Later, at this time of the year, their family would feel headache, but Xiaobian felt that, It's not very credible, just by the words of a few people.


  8. Chupacabra Event



震惊世界的ufo事件 一不小心就被外星人带走了

  At that time, the police chased a bright light to a pasture. They thought it was an alien flying saucer, but eventually they found nothing, only heard the unexplained roar, and saw that many starving animals died, and their blood was running on the ground. It was later called Chupacabra or Goatsucker. This has triggered speculation about what caused all this.


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